It's only after 6 years spent traveling and expending my Design culture abroad, working for well known international Design agencies such as Teague, Kiska or Dca, and studying product design in India, France and Sweden, that I decided to follow up my career as an independent Designer, in order too collaborate with my clients and design products that matter for users.

In passion for iconic, functional, and ethical objects, I am carrying in my luggage the love of life from southern France people, passion for detailing and perfection from Germany, the love of minimalism and functionalism from Scandinavian Design, the sensory and emotion wealth from India, and sometime, a bit of the British sens of humour.

Nowadays, I am using my sens of balance and my creativity to bring an optimistic vision on things, and as a mean to generate positive emotions.


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In our transition period where the economy found is limit in a durable future, new innovations perspectives opens. However, Innovators won't be able to solve tomorrow's problems with nowadays design tools.

From design thinking, to ethical design:

Design thinking is an innovation method coming from the U.S. in the 50's. This method is nowadays coming back to bring answers in new market rules, where customers want to be seduced over and over again. It is a great method as it connects brands to users, but it isn't certainly enough to create a durable approach to innovation: By putting users in the center of their own needs, it reproduces all their contradictions: 

  • Human beings want to preserve the environment; customers want to renew their Smartphones every 18 months.
  • Citizens want democracy and fight for the freedom of the press, but workers prefer to read free news papers while coming back home tired.
  • etc...

Design thinking is a great method as it connect brands to users, but let's integrate a bit of good sens in it.

Of course good sens itself isn't enough to guaranty innovations success, and innovators often have a tinny window to seduce potential customers. Here come emotions, here comes my Design expertise.


People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it - Simon Sinek